About member registration

Membership registration is required.
Information necessary for communication with photographers and delivery of photo data.

For reservation

The following credit cards are available.

The one time payment will be required.

It depends on the photographer.
Let's Request to a photographer.

It might be possible if there is a free schedule of the photographer on that day.
Let's Request to a photographer.

Please choose multiple photographers by yourself.
Photographers will not arrange.

Currently, video shooting is not supported. Future development is under consideration.

Please fill in the hearing sheet which will be sent to you. The number of photographers varies depending on the photographer.
Let's talk to the photographer first.

After cancellation, we will refund to you as soon as we get confirmation.(Normally within 2-3 business days)※A refund fee of 3.6% will be charged.

About the day of shooting

Basically, as a rule, the response to the customer should be within 24 hours.
If there is no response for 24 hours, please contact to J-Snap.

Please contact to the photographer.
If you can't get in touch, please contact the authorities. Contact us here.

If 30 minutes have passed without contacting ro the photographer after the apointment time, it will be considered as a cancellation on the day.

Please contact to the photographer and join.
Authorities do not guide the location.

It is possible. Please complete the extension procedure from your My Page.
You can continue shooting as soon as you can complete the payment.

About the shooting location

Please consult with the photographer about the desired shooting location before shooting.

It depends on the photographer.
Let's ask to a photographer first.

“The photographer wears an official nameplate around his neck.
The “J” logo is a mark.

Please contact us as it depends on the photographer.

There are places where shooting is possible and not possible.
Please consult with the photographer to determine the shooting location.

About delivery

The number of photos depends on the photographer. Please confirm in advance.
Photo data will be given within one week. Please download from your My Page.

Currently, we do not provide such services.

You can download from your My Page as many times as you like for 30 days from the shooting date.
Please note that data will be deleted after 30 days.

After 30 days have passed, the authorities have erased it, so please consult with the photographer who took it once.

About Photographer

There are individual differences depending on the photographer, so please check directly.

Consult with the photographer.

Since it depends on the photographer, please have a meeting with the photographer in advance.


Available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Dutch.

We will respond within 48 hours.
If there is no response after 48 hours, the inquiry may not be completed correctly.
Please contact us again.

It depends on the photographer.
Let's ask to a photographer first.

It depends on the photographer.
Let's ask to a photographer first.

About reward

We will close the month at the end of the filming and pay on the 10th of the following month. The payment date cannot be changed.

25% of the total of the management / promotion fee and card payment fee is deducted from the shooting fee.

Please register with a bank account in Japan.

Please consult with the customer before shooting.

About the day of shooting

If you can't contact us for 30 minutes, we will consider it to be canceled and respond according to the cancellation policy prescribed by J-Snap.
Click here for cancellation policy.

Please have your extension extended from your My Page.
Please continue shooting as soon as the extension payment is made.

Please note that our company does not take any responsibility.

It ’s easy to move.
I will leave it to the sense of a photographer.

About delivery

Video shooting is currently not supported, but it will be expanded in the future. (Consultation required)

Data that can be delivered is JPG / PNG data

J-Snap's server has been stored for one month.
Any further backup is at the discretion of the photographer.

About registration

Please use your real name when registering, but you may choose to use a nickname that will be displayed to your customers.

Of course you can register.
Let's devise various ways to communicate.

This service is basically delivered only for still images. We are also considering the development of videos in the future.

I will be over 18 years old.
However, minors must obtain parental consent.

A basic compact camera is fine. However, smartphone cameras are NG.


Please get your consent. Unauthorized posting is prohibited.

We provide information at LINE @ for photographers.
A seminar for photographers will also be held.
Please contact us if you want to hear personally.

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