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Reservation method

1Refining search by conditions such as desired area and budget

・Desired area
・Scheduled shooting date
・Budget lower limit~upper limit

Enter those conditions and click the "Search" button.

2Select desired date and time

A list of photographers who meet the conditions is displayed.
Find a photographer whom you like and tap it.
The photographer details page will be displayed. Select the desired date and time from “Schedule” and press the “Apply” button.

3Reservation request

A reservation request with the desired date and time will be sent to the photographer.
At this stage, it will be a tentative reservation, and it will be finalized after communicating with the photographer.


How to communicate

11. After login to "My page" > Select "Message"

※You can also use the message on the photographer details page before booking.
You can start the message with clicking the message icon on the right side.

2Message exchange

You can exchange information about a meeting place and expenses on the shooting day.
Please convey your request firmly!

The official estimate data will be sent via message after the meeting. Please complete the payment by 2 weeks before the scheduled date of shooting.


How to Change the reservation date and time

1After login to "My page" >select "photograph"

2Click the "Change reservation" button

Select the new date and time after the change, and apply for the change.
The photographer will contact you after confirming the revised schedule.
※Please apply at least 3 days before the shooting date.
Please be noted that a cancellation fee will be charged from two days before the shooting date.
Please refer to the flow of shooting.
Click here for cancellation policy.


How to cancel

1After login to "My page" >select "photograph"

2Click the "Cancel" button on the shooting details page

and select the reservation which you want to cancel then click the "Cancel button".
※The photographer may not be able to confirm if you make contact on the shooting day or at night before. In case of sudden cancellation, please contact us by phone if possible.
Please refer to the "Cancellation Terms" about the cancellation fees.


How to download the data

1After login to "My page" > Select "photograph"

2Select the shooting list which has a status of "Delivery"

3Download data from the details page

You can receive the photo data which were uploaded by the photographer.
※We will upload within one week after the shooting.
※To receive data, you will download the Zip file. If you can’t decompress it, please refer this.

※The download period is within 30 days after the data was uploaded. Please be noted that you will not be able to download after 30 days.


How to change the member information

1After login to "My page" >select "profile"

2Change the information

You can change your name and contact information.
You can also resign from here.
※Please be noted that if you resign, data downloads and reservations will be invalid.




It depends on the photographer.
Let’s Request to a photographer.

It may be possible even if the photographer’s schedule is available on the day.
Request a photographer.

The following credit cards are available.

There are many other answers. Please read before making inquiries.

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