J-Snap Terms of Use

This “Terms of Use” (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) is operated by Nag Studio Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”).
It defines the conditions for using a matching service (service name J-Snap, hereinafter referred to as “this service”) between photographers and those who wish to shoot.

Article 1 (About those Terms of Use)

  • 1. This agreement applies to all users.
  • 2. If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be able to use this site or this service.
  • 3. Users of this service, regardless of whether they are individuals or corporations, are deemed to have agreed to these Terms at the time of application for registration or use of this service.
  • 4. The contents of this agreement are subject to change as necessary, and will be notified by e-mail, posting on this site, or other means. If it is changed, it will be deemed that you have accepted the change at the stage of use after the change, and the latest terms will be applied. Please see the latest terms and conditions when using.
  • 5. In addition to these terms, this service displays how to use this service and matters to be aware of on this site. These also form part of the Terms.
  • 6. Please read these Terms before using this service.

Article 2 (Definitions)

Unless otherwise specified, the definitions of terms in this agreement are as follows.

  • (1) This site URL http://www.j-snap.com
  • (2) Registration Registration as specified by the Company
  • (3) Membership Members are divided into regular members and photographer members who have registered for this service.
  • (4) Regular member Member who wants to shoot
  • (5) Photographer member
  • (6) Intellectual property rights, etc. Patent rights, industrial rights such as trademark rights, Intellectual property rights such as copyrights (including rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) and other rights
  • (7) Confidential information Personal information, customer information, company information, and all other information
  • (8) Anti-social forces Persons who have not passed 5 years since they were no longer gangs, gangsters or gangsters, Gangster Associate Member, Gangbang Related Company, General Assembly, etc., Social Movement Mark Goro or Special Intelligence Violence Group, etc.

Article 3 (Content of this service)

  • 1. This service is a matching service for regular members and photographer members.
  • 2. Our company only aims for matching as this service, For actual photography, regular members and photographer members will have direct photography contracts.
  • 3. The Company assumes no responsibility for shooting contracts.

Article 4 (Registration)

  • 1. To start using this service, the user must register by applying for the user himself / herself.
  • 2. Application for registration will be made by notifying the content specified by the Company using the method specified by the Company. False applications are not allowed.
  • 3. If you wish to register as a photographer member, please notify us of the matters stipulated by our company.
  • 4. When the registration application is approved, between the member and our company, The use contract of this service with the contents of this agreement shall be established. Notify management screen URL, ID and password after establishment.
  • 5. If the registered content is changed, the member must change the member information by the method specified by the Company. The Company will not be liable for any disadvantage caused to the member by not making changes.
  • 6. The Company may cancel registration if it is determined that the member falls under any of the following.
    (1) When the registration examination criteria established by the Company are not satisfied
    (2) It is either a minor, an adult guardian, a guardian, or an assistant, When the consent of a legal representative, guardian, guardian or assistant is not obtained
    (3) If the registration application is false
    (4) If you have violated these Terms in the past
    (5) Other cases where the Company deems it inappropriate to approve registration
  • 7. The Company shall not be obliged to disclose the reason to the member in the event that the act set forth in the preceding paragraph is performed.

Article 5 (Management of passwords, etc.)

  • 1. Members must strictly manage their IDs and passwords at their own risk so as not to leak them to third parties.
  • 2. Responsibility for actions performed using ID and password is:We regard this as the responsibility of the member who holds the ID, and we do not assume any responsibility.
  • 3. If your ID is used without permission, Or, if your ID and password are leaked to a third party, please contact us immediately.

Article 6 (Usage)

  • 1. Members should use this service in accordance with the terms of this agreement and this site.
  • 2. Members should use this service as described below. Please follow the provisions of this site for any content not listed here.
    (1) A regular member selects a photographer member, enters the request items necessary for a photography contract, and sends it to the photographer member.
    (2) Regular members and photographer members meet using the message on this site, and the shooting date and time, shooting purpose, and shooting fee (The cost is included. You can decide freely.)Confirm the other details of the photography contract.
    (3) When the photography contract is finalized, the photographer member submits an invoice to the normal member, Normally, the member should pay the shooting fee to the Company by card payment promptly according to the invoice.
    (4) Take a picture after confirming payment of the photography fee.
    (5) Photographer members must deliver photographs taken within 7 days.
    (6) Regular members can download photos for one month after delivery by a photographer member. (When the deadline approaches, we will notify regular members to download.)
  • 3. Member shall use this service in accordance with this Agreement, Civil Code, Commercial Code, Personal Information Protection Law, Please use in compliance with copyright law and other laws.
  • 4. Members are not responsible for any use of this service.The Company is not liable for any use except as otherwise specified.

Article 7 (Usage charges)

  • 1. Photographer members will be charged a card settlement fee and an operational promotion fee for using this service.
  • 2. Photographer members shall authorize the Company to receive payment of shooting fees under normal shooting contracts from regular members.
  • 3. Our company usually uses the photography fee paid by the members, The photographer member shall be paid the amount after deducting the card settlement fee and the management promotion fee.

Article 8 (Cancellation Policy)

  • 1. Cancellation of photography contracts shall be made by notifying normal partners or photographer members to the other party from My Page. If contact is not made within 30 minutes from the meeting time, it will be considered canceled.
  • 2. After the notification in the previous section, we will confirm cancellation. The shooting fee will be refunded after confirmation.
  • 3. Cancellation fees are subject to the following provisions unless there is a special agreement between regular members and photographer members. For cancellations that are not allowed to be intentional or negligent by regular members and photographers, such as sudden bad weather, natural disasters, etc. There is no cancellation fee.
    Cancellation fee on the day of shooting: 100%
    Cancellation fee 2 days before the shooting day: 50%
    Cancellation fee more than 3 days before the shooting date: 無料

    ※If you are late for 1 hour or more in the shooting time, it will be canceled on the day.
  • 4. In the event that cancellation is made, the Company will normally use the shooting fee paid by the member, The amount after deducting the card settlement fee, management promotion fee and cancellation fee will be refunded to the normal member. If the cancellation is due to the photographers intention or negligence, the full amount of the photo taken will be refunded, Photographer members shall be obliged to pay card payment fees, operational promotion fees and cancellation fees separately to us.

Article 9 (Prohibited matters)

  • 1. Members are prohibited from the following actions.
    (1) Members must conclude a contract directly and take a photo for the purpose of avoiding payment of usage fees without going through this service.
    (2) Acts that violate this agreement
    (3) Acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations
    (4) Infringement of the rights of third parties or acts that promote infringement
    (5) Actions that we determine as interference with this service or server
    (6) Acts contrary to public order and morals
    (7) Use by members involved in anti-social forces
    (8) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate
  • 2. 当If the member observes a prohibited act set forth in the preceding paragraph, or if the Company determines that it falls under the prohibited matter, Suspension / cancellation of provision of this service to members at our discretion, deregistration,Data on our server can be deleted. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by this.

Article 10 (Members responsibility)

  • 1. Member shall assume all responsibility for the use of this service. We guarantee to our company that we have not infringed other rights such as intellectual property rights of third parties.
  • 2. Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if a problem occurs with the members use of this service, The Company shall not be held responsible for any such problems in its own expense and responsibility.
  • 3. Members are responsible for obtaining data backups related to the use of the Service. We are not liable for data loss due to lack of backup.
  • 4. If a member causes damage to the Company through the use of this service, the damage (including legal fees) shall be compensated.
  • 5. If a member causes damage to a third party by using this service, Members shall compensate for this at their own expense and responsibility, and the Company shall not be liable for them at all. In this case, when the Company receives a claim for damages from a third party,The member shall compensate the Company for the amount of damage and expenses (including lawyer expenses).
  • 6. To use this service, you must be connected to the Internet. Members shall use the equipment necessary to use the Service at their own expense and responsibility,Communication line software and any other means (hereinafter referred to as “equipment”) shall be prepared.
  • 7. The Company does not guarantee or participate in the preparation, installation, and operation of the equipment, etc. specified in the preceding paragraph, nor does it provide support to members. In addition, we do not guarantee that this service is compatible with all devices.
  • 8. Members understand that in the course of using this service, they may go through various networks and devices, and depending on the type of network or device connected, etc., To pass We will use this service after understanding that the contents of data and signals may change.

Article 11 (Disclaimer)

  • 1. The Company does not guarantee that the use of this service will have a specific effect on members.
  • 2. Although we pay full attention to the contents of this service,No warranty is given as to its accuracy, completeness, up-to-date or usefulness. The use of this service is at the discretion of the member.
  • 3. We store data created on this site, access this site,We do not guarantee that this site will not be affected by viruses. Members should use this site at their own risk.
  • 4. The Company is not liable for any problems that occur between members or between members and third parties regarding this service.
  • 5. The Company, regardless of whether the Company has foreseeable damages caused by reasons not attributable to the Company such as natural disasters, We shall not be liable for damages arising from special circumstances or indirect damages including lost profits.

Article 12 (Intellectual Property Rights, etc.)

Intellectual property rights, etc. relating to this site and this service belong to the Company or a third party with a legitimate right. Members should use this service in a way that does not infringe the rights of other members, the Company, or other third parties.

Article 13 (Suspend / Stop Service, Change Contents, End)

  • 1. If the Company determines that it is necessary for the installation of facilities necessary for the operation of this service, system maintenance work, or force majeure such as natural disasters, This service can be temporarily suspended or stopped without requiring prior notice or consent to the member.
  • 2. The Company shall be able to change or terminate the contents of some or all of the Service at the discretion of the Company after prior notice to the member.
  • 3. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the member in the case of the preceding two paragraphs. However, if all services are permanently terminated, the fee will be refunded if payment is made for this service after termination.

Article 14 (Deletion of Registration)

  • 1. When canceling a registration, a member must submit a notification using the method prescribed by the Company.
  • 2. The Company will not reimburse the paid fee regardless of the reason for deregistration.
  • 3. The Company shall be able to immediately cancel the registration without any notice in the event that a member falls under any of the following items.
    (1) When it turns out that there was a situation where registration should not be approved at the registration application stage, such as when the registration details were fals
    (2) When there is serious negligence or betrayal
    (3) If payment is suspended, provisional seizure, seizure, auction, bankruptcy proceedings, When there is a petition for commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings, company reorganization proceedings, or special liquidation
    (4) In case of suspension of trade at the bill exchange
    (5) In the case of tax delinquency disposal
    (6) In the event of a serious event that makes it difficult to continue this agreement or individual contract in accordance with the preceding items.
  • 4. The Company will violate any provision of this Agreement that does not fall under each item of the preceding paragraph, and even after a notice for a certain period, If a members default is not corrected, the registration can be canceled.
  • 5. If the Company or a member falls under any of the items of paragraph 3, Even if there is no notification from the other party for any monetary obligations incurred to the other party, the profit on the deadline must be lost and repaid immediately.
  • 6. If you wish to register again after deregistration, you will need to repeat the registration procedure. The member agrees in advance that the previous data will not be transferred after the registration procedure is repeated.

Article 15 (Confidentiality)

The Company and its members handle confidential information disclosed or provided by the other party regarding the use of this service with the care of a good administrator, It must not be used for purposes other than the purpose of this service, or disclosed or provided to a third party without prior consent from the other party.

Article 16 (Collecting, analyzing and handling information about members)

  • 1. The Company will not provide registration information, terminal information, or other member-related information in a form that does not identify individuals. It may be used for information distribution, statistics, other services provided by the Company, or to provide it to a third party.
  • 2. In order to understand the usage status of this service, we use information collection modules such as cookies, Collect usage information for this service. About these information collection modules,
  • 3. The Company shall not be liable for damages resulting from the use of information collection modules such as cookies.

Article 17 (Privacy Policy)

  • 1. The Company handles information acquired by lawful and fair means. In addition, the personal information, etc. of the acquired user may be used mutually for each service and business. In addition, the personal information of users is the law concerning the protection of personal information (2003 Law 57th, hereinafter referred to as "law"). "Personal data" as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 4 of the Act among "Personal Information" as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 (hereinafter the same shall apply). In addition, depending on the content of the information, it may not correspond to personal information, but we will give full consideration to the handling of such user information. (Hereinafter, personal information and usage information that does not fall under personal information are collectively referred to as "personal information, etc.")
  • 2. We provide personal information, etc. held by our company to provide our services, prevent or correct unauthorized use, create statistical data for the purpose of improving services, service (including campaign) guidance, conduct questionnaires, respond to inquiries, It is used for confirmation, information, and other purposes accompanying it, and it will not be handled beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use unless it falls under the following items.
    (1) When there is user consent
    (2) When required by law
    (3) When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the user
    (4) When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the user
    (5) When it is necessary for a national institution or local public entity or a person entrusted by it to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by law, When obtaining the consent of the user may interfere with the performance of the office work
  • 3. The Company may outsource management of personal information within the necessary scope. When consigning, ensure that information management obligations are enforced, including outsourcing, so that user information is properly managed.
  • 4. Our company manages access to personal information, etc., limits the means of taking personal information, Measures to prevent unauthorized access from outside, leakage of other personal information, We will take necessary and appropriate measures, including employees and subcontractors, to prevent loss or damage and to manage the safety of other personal information.
  • 5. The Company will investigate without delay when requested by the user himself / her or his / her representative to correct the personal information. As a result, when it is recognized that the contents of the personal information are not true, the storage period has passed, or other handling is not appropriate, We will make corrections without delay. However, in this section, only when the Company has acquired the users personal information exceptionally.

Article 18 (Exclusion of anti-social forces)

  • 1. The Company and its members represent and warrant that they do not fall under any of the following items, now and in the future.
    (1) Applicable to anti-social forces
    (2) Having a relationship where it is recognized that anti-social forces dominate management
    (3) Having a relationship in which anti-social forces are deemed to be substantially involved in management
    (4) For the purpose of improperly gaining self or a third party, or for the purpose of causing damage to a third party, Having a relationship that is recognized as unjustly using anti-social forces
    (5) Having a relationship that is recognized as being involved, such as providing funds or providing convenience to anti-social forces
    (6) Directors or persons who are substantially involved in management have a relationship that should be condemned with anti-social forces.
    (7) Violent demands, threatening behavior, unreasonable demands beyond legal liability, Doing other peoples credibility damages or business disruptions due to dissemination of rumors, counterfeiting, power, etc.
  • 2. If the other party violates the statement or guarantee set forth in the preceding paragraph and the other party finds that it falls under any of the items of the preceding paragraph, the Company or the member shall not make any notification, You can immediately cancel all contracts for this service and claim compensation for damages incurred.

Article 19 ((Transfer of rights and status, etc.)

  • 1. The Company and its members shall accept all rights, obligations and status regarding this service without the consent of the other party. It cannot be disposed of in any form, such as transfer, sublease, collateral insertion or other forms.
  • 2. If we transfer the business related to this service to another company, The rights and obligations under this agreement and the member information and other customer information can be transferred to the transferee of the business transfer, The Member shall have previously agreed to such transfer. The business transfer set forth in this section shall include not only normal business transfer but also any company split or any other business transfer.

Article 20 (Separability)

Even if any provision of this agreement or part of it is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by the Consumer Contract Law or other laws and regulations, The remaining provisions of this agreement and the remainder of the provisions determined to be invalid or unenforceable shall continue to be fully effective.

Article 21 (Dispute Resolution)

The Company and its members, if there is any doubt about matters not stipulated in these Terms or interpretation of these Terms, We shall seek to resolve the matter promptly in consultation with each other in accordance with the principle of good faith.

Article 22 (Court of Jurisdiction)

For litigation between the Company and its members, the district court or the summary court having jurisdiction over the location of the Companys head office shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court of the first instance.

Article 23 (Governing Law)

The interpretation of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Establishment of rules July 1, 2019

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